Protection of Animals (Scotland) Act 1912 (c. 14)

1912 c. 14

© Crown Copyright 1912

  Protection of Animals (Scotland) Act 1912 (c. 14)  

1912 Chapter c. 14



1.  Offences of cruelty.
2.  Power for court to order destruction of animal.
3.  Power for court to deprive person convicted of cruelty of ownership of animal.
4.  Compensation for damage done by cruelty to an animal.
5.  Knackers to be registered and to comply with certain regulations.
6.  Persons licensed to slaughter horses not to be horse dealers at same time.
7.  Poisoned grain and flesh, &c.
8.  Use of dogs for purposes of draught.
9.  Inspection of traps.
10.  Injured animals.
11.  Powers of constables.
12.  Owners to produce animals if so required.
13.  Definitions.
14.  Extent of Act.
15.  Repeals.
16.  Commencement, saving for pending proceedings and short title.
  First Schedule   Minor and consequential amendments.
  Second Schedule   Enactments repealed in consequence of the provisions of this Act.
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© Crown copyright 1912