Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Act 1923 (c. 10)

1923 c. 10


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  Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Act 1923 (c. 10)

1923 Chapter c. 10



Compensation for Improvements on Holdings.
1.  Right of tenant to compensation for improvements.
2.  Consent of landlord as to improvement in First Schedule, Part I.
3.  Notice to landlord as to improvement in First Schedule, Part II.
4.  Agreements as to improvement in First Schedule, Part III.
5.  Further provisions as to improvements. [1920, s. 15 (3)-(7). 1920, s. 27. S.R.O. 1922]
6.  Determination of claims to determination.
7.  Right of tenant who has paid compensation to outgoing tenant.
8.  Provision as to change of tenancy.
Compensation in Respect of Increased or Diminished Value of Holding.
9.  Compensation for continuous adoption of special standard or system of farming.
10.  Compensation to landlord for deterioration of holding.
Compensation for Damage by Game.
11.  Comensation for damage by game.
Compensation for Disturbance.
12.  Compensation for disturbance.
13.  Compensation for disturbance in cases to which s. 12 does not apply.
14.  Application of Act to cottages on holdings.
15.  Matters to be referred to arbitration.
16.  Procedure in arbitrations.
17.  Constitution of panel of arbiters and provision as to arbiters' remuneration.
18.  Provisions for expediting and reducing costs of arbitrations.
19.  Determination of claims for compensation where a holding is divided.
20.  Recovery of compensation and othe sums due.
Charge on Holding for Compensation.
21.  Power for landlord on paying compensation to obtain charge.
22.  Incidence of charge.
23.  Advance made by a company.
24.  Certificate as to charges.
Removing for Non-payment of Rent.
25.  Removal of tenants.
Notice of Termination of Tenancy.
26.  Notice of termination of tenancy.
Restriction of Notices to Quit in Case of Sale.
27.  Restriction of notices to quit in case of sale.
Bequest of Lease.
28.  Bequest of lease.
Fixtures and Buildings.
29.  Tenant's property in fixtures and buildings.
Miscellaneous Rights of Landlord and Tenant.
30.  Resumption of possesion for cottages, &c.
31.  Resumption of part of holding by landlord.
32.  Power of entry by landlord.
33.  Extension of meaning of "holding"..
34.  Penal rents and liquidated damages.
35.  Freedom of cropping and disposal of produce.
36.  Prohibition of removal of manure, &c,. after notice to terminate the tenancy.
37.  Record of holding.
Persons Under Disability.
38.  Appointment of guardian.
39.  Provision as to limited owners.
Crown Lands.
40.  Application to Crown lands.
Ecclesiastical and Charity Lands.
41.  Application to glebe and charity land.
Special Provisions as to Market Gardens.
42.  Special provisions as to market gardens.
43.  Prohibition of appeal from sheriff substitute.
44.  Expenses in sheriff court.
45.  Avoidance of contract inconsistent with Act.
46.  General savings of rights.
47.  Validity of consent, &c.
48.  Improvements eecuted under repealed enactments. 8 Edw. 7. c. 64.
49.  Interpretation.
50.  Repeal.
51.  Commencement.
52.  Short title and exent.
  First Schedule   Improvements.
  Part I   Improvements to which consent of landlord is required.
  Part II   Improvements in respect of which notice to landlord is required.
  Part III   Improvements in respect of which consent of or notice to landlord is not required.
  Second Schedule   Rules as to Arbitration.
  Part I   Appointment of Arbiter.
  Part II   Time for Award.
  Part III   Removal of Arbiter.
  Part IV   Evidence.
  Part V   Statement of Case.
  Part VI   Award.
  Part VII   Expenses.
  Part VIII   Forms.
  Third Schedule   Improvements subject to special provisions in the case of market gardens.
  Fourth Schedule   Enactments Repealed.
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© Crown copyright 1923