Agriculture Act 1958 (c. 71)

1958 c. 71


© Crown Copyright 1958

  Agriculture Act 1958 (c. 71)

1958 Chapter c. 71



1.  Repeal of powers of supervision, direction and dispossession under Part II of Agriculture Ac, 1947, and Part II of Agriculture (Scotland) Act, 1948.
2.  Amendments to fixing of rents of agricultural holdings.
3.  Amendments as to notices to quit agricultural holdings.
4.  Rights of tenants as to provision of fixed equipment necessary to comply with statutory requirements.
5.  Transfer to Lord Chancellor of Minister's functions as respects Agricultural Land Tribunals.
6.  Provisions as to succession to holdings in Scotland.
7.  Amendment of 11 & 12 Geo. 5. c. 48 as to injurious weeds.
8.  Minor and consequential amendments.
9.  Interpretation.
10.  Repeals, savings and transitional provisions.
11.  Short title and extent.
  First Schedule   Minor and consequential amendments.
  Second Schedule   Enactments repealed in consequence of the provisions of this Act.
  Third Schedule   Enactments repealed as spent.
  Fourth Schedule   Transitional provisions.
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© Crown copyright 1958