Protection of Animals (Scotland) Act 1912 (c. 14)
1912 c. 14 - continued

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Section 5.  
        1.    The name of the knacker, together with the word "knacker," shall be painted or affixed in a conspicuous manner over the door or gate of the knacker's yard.
        2.    The hair shall be cut from the neck of any horse, ass, or mule directly the animal has been delivered to the knacker.
        3.    All animals shall be slaughtered, with no unnecessary sufferiug, within two days from the time they have been delivered to the knacker. Any animal which is in pain shall be so slaughtered without delay.
        4.    All animals shall be properly fed and watered after they have been delivered to the knacker.
        5.    No animal shall be used or employed for any work after it has been delivered to the knacker.
        6.    The knacker shall enter in a book kept for the purpose such a full and correct description of the colour, marks, and gender of every animal delivered to him as may clearly distinguish and identify the same, and the name and address of the owner thereof, and the book shall be produced by him before any court upon the requirement of such court, and the knacker shall allow such book to be inspected and extracts to be made therefrom at all reasonable times by any constable or by any other person authorised by any court.
        7.    No person who is under the age of sixteen years shall be admitted to, or permitted to remain in, the knacker's yard during the process of slaughtering or of cutting up the carcase of any animal.
        8.    No animal shall be killed in the sight of any other animal awaiting slaughter.
        9.    The knacker shall not sell or part with alive, or cause or procure or permit any person to sell or part with alive, any animal which has been delivered to him.
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