Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Act 1949 (c. 75)
1949 c. 75 - continued

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Improvements begun on or after 1st November, 1948, for which compensation may be payable.
Sections 11, 47, 50, 51, 52, 53, 63, 65, 79, 81, 86.  
Part I.
Improvements to which Consent of Landlord is Required.
        1.    Laying down of permanent pasture .
        2.    Making of water-meadows or works of irrigation.
        3.    Making of gardens.
        4.    Planting of orchards or fruit bushes.
        5.    Warping or weiring of land.
        6.     Making of embankments and sluices against floods.
        7.     Making or planting of osier beds.
        8.     Haulage or other work done by the tenant in aid of the carrying out of any improvement made by the landlord for which the tenant is liable to pay increased rent.
Part II.
Improvements in Respect of which Notice to Landlord is Required.
        9.     Land drainage.
        10.   Construction of silos.
        11.    Making or improvement of farm access or service roads, bridges and fords.
        12.    Making or improvement of watercourses, ponds or wells, or of works for the application of water power for agricultural or domestic purposes or for the supply of water for such purposes.
        13.    Making or removal of permanent fences, including hedges, stone dykes and gates
        14.    Reclaiming of waste land.
        15.    Renewal of embankments and sluices against floods.
        16.    Provision of stells, fanks, folds, dippers, pens and bughts necessary for the proper conduct of the holding.
        17.    Provision or laying on of electric light or power, including the provision of generating plant, fixed motors, wiring systems, switches and plug sockets.
        18.    Erection, alteration or enlargement of buildings, and making or improvement of permanent yards, loading banks and stocks.
        19.    Erection of hay or sheaf sheds, sheaf or grain drying racks, and implement sheds.
        20.    Provision of fixed threshing mills, barn machinery and fixed dairying plant.
        21.    Improvement of permanent pasture by cultivation and re-seeding.
        22.    Provision of means of sewage disposal.
        23.    Repairs to fixed equipment, being equipment reasonably required for the efficient farming of the holding, other than repairs which the tenant is under an obligation to carry out.
Part III.
Improvements in Respect of which Consent of, or Notice to, Landlord is not Required.
        24.   Protecting fruit trees against animals..
        25.   Chalking of land.
        26.   Clay burning.
        27.   Claying of land.
        28.    Liming of land.
        29.    Marling of land.
        30.    Eradication of bracken, whins or broom growing on the holding at the commencement of the tenancy and, in the case of arable land, removal of tree roots, boulders, stones or other like obstacles to cultivation.
        31.    Application to land of purchased manure (including artificial manure).
        32.    Consumption on the holding of corn (whether produced on the holding or not) or of cake or other feeding stuff not produced on the holding by
    (a)  horses, cattle, sheep or pigs ; or

    (b)  poultry folded on the land as part of a system of farming practised on the holding.

        33.    Laying down temporary pasture with clover, grass, lucerne, sainfoin, or other seeds, sown more than two years prior to the termination of the tenancy, in so far as the value of the temporary pasture on the holding at the time of quitting exceeds the value of the temporary pasture on the holding at the commencement of the tenancy for which the tenant did not pay compensation.
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