Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (c. 69)
1981 c. 69 - continued

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Sections 9, 10, 22 and 24.  
Common name Scientific name

Adder (in respect of section 9(5) only)

Vipera berus
Bats, Horseshoe (all species) Rhinolophidae
Bats, Typical (all species) Vespertilionidae
Beetle, Rainbow Leaf Chrysolina cerealis


Lota lota

Butterfly, Chequered Skipper Carterocephalus palaemon
Butterfly, Heath Fritillary

Mellicta athalia (otherwise known as Melitaea athalis)

Butterfly, Large Blue Maculinea arion
Butterfly, Swallowtail

Papilio machaon

Cricket, Field

Gryllus campestris

Cricket, Mole

Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa

Dolphin, Bottle-nosed

Tursiops truncatus (otherwise known as Tursiops tursio)

Dolphin, Common

Delphinus delphis
Dragonfly, Norfolk Aeshna

Aeshna isosceles

Frog, Common (in respect of section 9(5) only)

Rana temporaria

Grasshopper, Wart-biter Decticus verrucivorus
Lizard, Sand

Lacerta agilis

Lizard, Viviparous (in respect of section 9(5) only)

Lacerta vivipara

Moth, Barberry Carpet

Pareulype berberata

Moth, Black-veined

Siona lineata (otherwise known as Idaea lineata)

Moth, Essex Emerald

Thetidia smaragdaria

Moth, New Forest Burnet

Zygaena viciae

Moth, Reddish Buff

Acosmetia caliginosa

Great Crested (otterwise known as Warty newt)

Triturus cristatus

Newt, Palmate (in respect of section 9(5) only)

Triturus helveticus

Newt, Smooth (in respect of section 9(5) only)

Triturus vulgaris

Otter, Common

Lutra lutra

Porpoise, Harbour (otherwise known as Common por poise)

Phocaena phocaena

Slow-worm (in respect of section 9(5) only)

Anguis fragilis

Snail, Carthusian

Monacha cartusiana
Snail, Glutinous Myxas glutinosa

Snail, Sandbowl

Catinella arenaria

Snake, Grass (in respect of section 9(5) only)

Natrix helvetica

Snake, Smooth

Coronella austriaca

Spider, Fen Raft

Dolomedes plantarius

Spider, Ladybird

Eresus niger

Squirrel, Red

Sciurus vulgaris

Toad, Common (in respect of section 9(5) only)

Bufo bufo

Toad, Natterjack

Bufo calamita

  NOTE. The common name or names given in the first column of this Schedule are included by way of guidance only; in the event of any dispute or proceedings, the common name or names shall not be taken into account.
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