Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Act 1991 (c. 55)
1991 c. 55 - continued

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Section 87.  
  Transitionals and Savings
Continuation of savings
        1.    The repeal by this Act of an enactment which repealed a previous enactment subject to a saving shall not affect the continued operation of that saving.
Construction of references to old and new law
        2.—(1) Where an enactment contained in this Act repeals and re-enacts an earlier enactment—
     (a) for the purpose of giving effect to any instrument or other document it shall be competent, so far as the context permits, to construe a reference to either enactment as a reference to the other;
     (b) anything done or required to be done for the purposes of either enactment may, so far as the context permits, be treated as having been done or as something required to be done for the purposes of the other.
    (2) In this paragraph, a reference to an enactment reenacted in this Act includes a reference to any such enactment repealed by the Agricultural Holdings Act 1923, the 1949 Act or the Agricultural Holdings (Amendment) (Scotland) Act 1983.
Savings for specific enactments
        3.    Nothing in this Act shall affect any provision of the [1922 c. 52.] Allotments (Scotland) Act 1922.
        4.    Section 21 of the [1951 c. 65.] Reserve and Auxilary Forces (Protection of Civil Interests) Act 1951 (as read with section 24 of that Act) shall continue to have effect—
     (a) in subsections (2) and (3) with the substitution for references to the Secretary of State of references to the Land Court; and
     (b) with the reference in subsection (6) to section 27 of the 1949 Act being construed as a reference to that section as originally enacted.
        5.    Notwithstanding section 16 of the [1978 c. 30.] Interpretation Act 1978, rights to compensation conferred by this Act shall be in lieu of rights to compensation conferred by any enactment repealed by this Act.
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